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Vine Review – Twitter’s Video-Sharing App

| January 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Vine Review – Twitter’s Video-Sharing App for iPhones and iPod Touch on iOS Versions 5.0 and Up

Just when social networkers thought that Facebook has all the communication apps they need, here comes Twitter with Vine. The app enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to make three short video clips and loop it into a video that will run for 6 seconds. In spite of the bugs that cropped up on its launching day, more and more owners of compatible iOS devices are using the video-sharing apps; mindless of what the reviews have to say. They’re banking on Twitter’s claim that the bugs have been fixed and that the user-friendly video-sharing tool is now up and functioning smoothly. After all, it’s a free Apple app; all they need to do is to download and install the app so they can find out for themselves.

Twitter Vine App

What’s Vine All About

Now there’s a new word to use when sharing your world at Twitter; people are not just posting tweets, they are also into enhancing their 140-character tweets by “vining”. So far, those who have installed the app in their iPhones and iPod Touch devices, have proven that Twitter’s “user-friendly” claim is true. One merely taps on the upper right side of the screen to get the iOS device’s back camera rolling. All they need to do is to make sure that a finger is kept on the screen while recording, as this enables the app to capture a scene or subject in video.


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A bar at the top shows how much of the 6-second limit has been used, so users will have awareness of the time left to complete a video. Releasing one’s hold on the screen will cause the camera to pause, and give the user a chance to change location and shoot the video from another angle, or focus on another subject. Once the user is ready to resume shooting, the recording process re-starts by simply holding the screen again. It would be best to pause when the bar graph is about a third full, as this will allow the user to record two more clips to make the entire 6-second video. Tap on the “Next” button to upload and share videos at Twitter, Facebook or Vine’s website.

If a user wants to save the video, one must first give Vine access to the iOS device’s camera roll. Tapping on the “OK” button of the permission notification, will enable the app to store the video in one’s camera roll. If a user prefers not to, he or she can simply send and share the video right away.

Actually, Vine app users have to read several permission notifications that will allow or disallow the application to work in their iPhones or iPod Touch devices. The app operates on a different server and merely coordinates the video-sharing and embedding features with Twitter, being the new owner of Vine. In fact, the first of the several opt-in notifications is one that will give Twitter access to the user’s Twitter account, as this will allow Vine’s servers to send in the videos. Some iOS device owners though, have reservations about granting access to their accounts and communication gadgets. They may want to pause and ponder first, whether it’s wise for them to Vine or not to Vine; before downloading and adding the free Apple app to their iOS device.


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