Trials Frontier iOS App : A Motorcycle Trials Mobile Game by Ubisoft

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Trials Frontier AppTrials Frontier is one of the many “Trials” series created by video game developer RedLynx. Made available to users of iPhones and iPads running on iOS Versions 7.0 and up by Ubisoft, the latter recently updated the app in order to feature a wacky yet challenging new Rodeo Game. Trials are, after all, non-speed sporting events involving specialised motorcycles.

In the Trials Frontier Rodeo Game, the Shopkeeper is offering new outfits, fresh tracks, blueprints, paint jobs, and novel crafting items at greatly reduced prices. Quite a timely offering, because your motorcycle rider gets to a point where he will have a need for a new bike.

Trials Frontier App Features

This iOS Trials mobile app delivers the same high quality motorcycle challenges that made RedLynx’ Trial Series a big hit among video game players. The game levels are delivered in short and easy to launch stages, where difficulty of challenges picks up throughout the play. Speed and precision become increasingly significant. Still the brevity of the game levels allows mastery in performing the flips, as players can jump right into the action to practice navigating the Western-themed terrain.

The Trials Frontier game app presents easy-to-discern virtual buttons as alternative to game pads. Initially the screen shows a pair of hands holding a tablet, illustrating which arrow to press in order to navigate one’s motorcycle. The illustration comes complete with a Help section that furnishes information about the game play, the controls, and the indicators.

Trials Frontier app’s control buttons include arrows for moving forward or backward, and for leaning forward or backward to adjust the bikers weight when traversing tricky terrains, in managing steep uphill climbs, as well as in performing bunny hops and flips.

The app also offers Trials Frontier users two options on how to save their game progress, whether to save it locally within the device or with the game server. The latter option allows users to access the game using other gaming devices other than the gadget in which a player installed the Trial Frontiers app.

The graphics of this app effectively presents how physics work in depicting bike crashes. Actually, the app’s presentation of a mishap’s potential effect to the rider is a bit amusing but in a way realistic. Add to those the authentic sound of a motorcycle engine, and the virtual biker’s grunts and expressions of glee and satisfaction.

Trials Frontier Game Features

Once a Trials stunt gets past the tutorial stage, a player enters the introductory phase. A virtual map shows a Trials Frontier player just where his or her biker is in the game. Making it to the Cave entrance serves as the end of the introductory phase, and the opening of the main Rodeo Game. Your bike rider, however, will experience a crash that could wreck his motorcycle.

The people of a nearby town will help your rider recuperate from his near fatal crash. A bike called The Armadillo can be his, by helping the town improve its surroundings. Your bike rider then will earn money he could use in improving The Armadillo. Eventually your bike rider becomes involved with whatever storyline this Trials Frontier Rodeo Game is based on, as this would make his missions more difficult to accomplish. All of which will definitely be worthwhile since motorbike customisation features will become available, albeit depending on your game progress.

The Trials Frontier Game also offers special events, some of which are tied in to a blockbuster movie such as Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible -Rogue Nation. However, those offers are available only within a limited period, usually in connection with a holiday or a promotional campaign.


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