The Sims App Review

| February 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Sims App If you grew up a gamer in the early 2000’s, there was a pretty good chance that at some point you played The Sims. The little series about managing virtual characters as they go about their seemingly mundane lives proved to be impossibly addictive as it caused millions of players to forgo their own lives in favor of those of their sims.

Since its initial release, there have been countless expansions and additions to The Sims (as well as a few full-fledged sequels) but the franchise’s presence in mobile gaming hasn’t been quite as strong. There have been games bearing The Sims name, but few of them managed to carry over The Sims gameplay that made it such a smash hit. Instead, they were incredibly simplified titles that failed to really stand out on their own.

This newest version of The Sims is a little different. It is, for all intents and purposes, an actual Sims game. Here you will get to manage the lives of your virtual people through the same classic interface of the original games and with most of the features intact that lent this series the surprising amount of depth it has.

In fact, the developers did such a good job of carrying over the real-time play style of The Sims series into the mobile arena, that you’ll wonder why it took so long to happen in the first place. Navigating your characters around their world and interfacing with everything that is needed to take them through their lives proves to be relatively simple. You will never really have to struggle with the game’s controls or menus which have always been the problem with some of this series’ mobile games in the past. Here, everything is pretty effortless.

Even better, most of the interaction options and items that make The Sims so fun to play are present in this version. There is a lot to do in this mobile game and you can expect to invest hours on your mobile device in order to see them all.

The tradeoff to all this gameplay freedom is the pay to play style of gameplay that developer EA has become notorious for. That means that many of the games actions work off of a timer and completing them is either a matter of waiting patiently or (you guessed it) paying to advance the actions.

While this start and stop nature prevents the mobile version from retaining that same addictive quality of the original games, if you go into it just wanting to enjoy the game in short bursts here and there (or don’t mind spending a few dollars to advance your cause) then you’ll find an enjoyable facsimile of The Sims experience that makes for a pretty great time killer with just a little more depth than your average mobile title.


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