The Impossible Game Lite App for iOS Versions 3.0 and Up

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The Impossible GameThe Impossible Game Lite app makes it possible for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices (Versions 3.0 and Up) to experience an entertainingly difficult and nearly unattainable platform-based game. Originally launched in 2009 as an Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG), this free version of The Impossible Game gives players a brief but immersive experience of completing simple, yet surprisingly difficult challenges of leaping over spikes and blocks in four (4) difficult levels.

The Impossible Game Play

The game play involves a seemingly uncomplicated task of moving an orange box forward across a single screen platform. The platform however, is filled with spikes and blocks that your orange box must avoid. Otherwise, the orange square disintegrates at the slightest contact against the spikes or disappears when it falls into the spaces between the black boxes.

The game requires you to tap and hold at the precise moment. Tapping even just a split second too early or too late could get your orange box landing on the spikes themselves; or cause you to miss a block and fall right into the gap. The platform obstacles become more difficult to jump over or bounce on as you make progress.

The spikes could appear in twos or threes, and sometimes in continuing succession with very little spaces in between them. You will get to a point where the black blocks form a long line with one or two spikes atop, which you also have to avoid.

By the way, take note of the flags because you can use them as markers when making progress. If your orange box hits a snag and disappears, the game restarts at the point where you placed your last flag marker. That way you do not have to restart from the very beginning. However, you only have ten (flags) to use, which makes it important for you to use each flag wisely.

You have to be quick though, because you have to tap on the flag while the orange box continues to move forward; or hit the menu button instead and tap on Pause. Still, you have to be quick about it once you tap on the Resume button. Otherwise, the flag might mark a position where it would be difficult to make a quick jump or bounce once you resume. Anyway, in case you happen to do just that, simply tap on the Back button to undo your most recent flag marker.

The Impossible Game: Additional App Features

This iOS compatible Impossible Game Lite app also has a Practice Mode, the Medals awarding system and the Stats Page. Players or platformers will at least have something to aim for while trying to complete each level, including the Practice Mode.

Completing the Practice Mode is the first game achievement that deserves the first Medal. Making 500 attempts is also a milestone achievement as this unlocks the second Medal. Receive the third Medal for making as many as 999 jumps. The last and definitely not the least is the fourth Medal, which marks the coolest of all Impossible Game achievements —“finish without using any of your flag markers.”

The Stats Page provides info about the progress you have made, indicating the number of Jumps and Attempts you carried out, as well as the progress you made without using a single flag. There is also a Facebook and Twitter sharing function so you can share or brag about your achievements to friends and fellow Impossible Game players.

If you are confident that there is no game too impossible for you to complete, try the Impossible Game Lite and then download the Full Version, as it furnishes more near impossible platform jumping and bouncing hurdles.


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