SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

| November 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

SwiftKey for AndroidSwiftKey is a keyboard app made for your Android phone, and you will notice a difference the moment you have downloaded the app. The traditional keyboard on your phone does not offer you the options that are truly needed, and the keyboard you get from SwiftKey will change the way you type on your phone. This article explains how the SwiftKey keyboard works, how you can use it and what it will do for you when you download it.

SwiftKey Is Small

You will not use much memory on your phone when you download the SwiftKey app, and the keyboard will sit happily on your phone without forcing you to give up other apps. There are several keyboards on the market that are simply too large for your phone, and the keyboard will update itself regularly without using too much memory.

The Swype Function

The Swype function in the SwiftKey app will help you glide your fingers across the keyboard when you are typing, and you will instantly get words that you want to type. This is much faster than hunting and pecking for every letter, and you can type whole conversations in a matter of moments. You set up the Swype function during the initialization, and the keyboard will continue to Swype for as long as you want.

The Keyboards

You may choose from several different colors and styles for your keyboard, and there is a large SwiftKey store you may shop in for better keyboards and colors. You are free to change the color and style any time you like, and you may shop for the keyboards that are most interesting to you. Typing is much simpler when you have so many keyboards to choose from.

The Storage

The SwiftKey app stores all the information from your typing to help you predict words in the future. The storage in the app that is going to help you complete sentences easily, and the app can be changed to any language you want. The app will collect information in any language, and the app will hold that information for as long as you like. SwiftKey will help you remember whole sentences you once typed, and the most common phrases will come up immediately.

You can type better when you are using the SwiftKey app, and you will take up very little space on your phone as you improve your typing.


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