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SnapguideSnapguide is the kind of mobile app you must have. Snapguide’s mobile app is available for Android and Iphone/ Ipad users. The beauty of Snapguide is very simple yet innovative. Snapguide lets you create your own guides and upload them on the Snapguide application. Your user guides can consist of how to’s in various subjects such as DIY projects, recipe guides, and much more. Not only can you upload guides, you can also “like” other user’s guides. What you will really appreciate is the ability to have followers and be able to also follow your favorite users. Sharing is a breeze, if you see a guide and want to share it you can simply click share in the upper right hand corner and email it, Facebook share it, and even share it by sending a text message. Sharing is caring, and Snapguide gets together an amazing community of users like you to not only share but the ability to connect with other people like you.

Snapguide lets you monitor your guides, such as the view count, etc. You can also make a video guide, not just a picture guide, which is excellent for those who love to watch video tutorials and not just how to’s. The beauty of this iPhone application is that unlike other popular pinning applications, Snapguide will not have a broken link. You know how frustrating it is once you find a tutorial you like and the link is broken, or the website is gone. Snapguide will not let you down. The features are amazing and will keep you entertained, while learning and improving your life. While you can definitely add guides, you don’t necessarily have to in order to fully enjoy the application. A very cool feature you now have with this app is the ability to request guides and also being able to fulfill them for other users. Another cool feature is that you are able to send messages. You will fall in love over and over again with this app, every time you open it, it can be a different experience thanks to all the wonderful categories, such as food, beauty, automotive, drinks, home, photography, style and many more. Collections will keep you busy, and save you time, by having all your favorite things grouped together. The possibilities are endless, let’s say you want to learn how to draw, there is a collection waiting for you. Love taking pictures with your DSLR? No problem you can easily feature them in your guides, by using the desktop version.

Snapguide is the perfect excuse to be on your phone at group gatherings, well maybe not, but it will definitely keep you entertained on a bad date. Have you ever wanted to create, but never felt you found the proper platform? Now you can share your creativity and you own all the rights to your work, all you are doing is licensing it to Snapguide. Giving them the permission to show your work, lets you have an audience in a super cool, clean, exceptional app. By creating guides you are also enriching the world, and sharing fun, enriching, and educational content. Thanks to Snapguide, learning is easy, practical and you can do it all from your iPhone application. Even if you are not the type to talk about apps you download, this one will make you talk, share and get excited about all the new things you will learn. You will adore Snapguide and all it has to offer. Never boring always educational, this app is here to stay. And after all, Snapguide is free! What else can you ask for? Go ahead, download it, you won’t be disappointed.

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