Slack for Android

| November 8, 2015 | 0 Comments

Slack appChances are if you’ve searched for an app to keep everyone at work united and talking, you’ve stumbled across slack in your quest for more effective communication. Slack is an app well worth your time to incorporate into your work life.

Slack is an app that helps organize communication within your business or corporation and keeps everything searchable and easy to find. It’s available for Android and iOS users and has recently updated its original app to increase many of its functions. The greatest appeal about Slack is that it keeps most of your contact with colleagues in one place so you’re not switching between email and texts constantly to stay up to date.

Slack is almost like a revamped email service, but keeps everything more simply stored and accessible with messaging and file sharing. With everything archived in a way that’s easy to find it keeps you and your coworkers in constant and easy communication.

Slack syncs on you and your coworkers devices to keep everyone on the same page. It has the capability to share videos and leave places to comment and share relevant information about what you’re sharing or trying to communicate. There’s ways to change the settings on the notifications so that only information that’s pertinent to you pops up on your phone, but you still have access to other information as well.

One of the only downfalls is its lack of an official email service or access to the work email most users already have. However, users have said the app’s updated search system, easy messaging, and file sharing, make it one of the greatest tools around the workplace. The original model was effective, but the programmers have recently made it easier to interface with.

Slack has been an app that tasted success almost immediately and has only gotten better and better. Workplaces across the world are beginning to use slack within different departments and on a larger scale to keep important messages more accessible and prevent bottle necking of productivity.

Slack has a free version, but you can also buy tools that may be more tailored to your specific work environment. Either way, the app is great for maintaining contact throughout the workday.


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