Rally Racer Dirt Android Game App by SBK Games

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Rally Racer DirtRally Racer Dirt is an off-road drift-based racing game app created and developed by SBK Games for mobile devices supported by Android operating systems versions 2.3 and up. The app gives a third person view of rally racing, yet at the same time allows you to experience becoming a rally racer.

Using simple but dynamic controls in drift-driving a rally car already fine-tuned with realistic vehicle physics, you can apply power, make turns, and experience twisting, rotating force while drifting and driving with control, across off-traffic-circuit tracks.

Rally Racer Dirt App Features

This rally racing game app can be played in three (3) different modes, the Survival Mode, the Challenge Mode, and the Real Time Multiplayer Mode.

Presented in different off-road rally tracks, you have a choice of driving with pure speed in a rugged hydro power station, along a harbour landscape or at a construction site. Each type offers varying ground surfaces that can realistically affect your drifting skills and influence your vehicle’s tire grips.

  • Enter the Survival Mode for a basic drifting experience where you can practice your drifting techniques, as you oversteer your vehicle while your tires lose traction. Here, your aim is to drive as far as you can within a specific journey time in your chosen off-the-road terrain.
  • Select the Challenges Mode when you are done testing out your skills at drifting. Select from any of the 30 challenges to hurdle, as your preparation for multiplayer rally racing competitions.
  • Prove your rally-racing prowess by competing with other experts via the Real Time Multiplayer Mode. Get into the thick of the Rally Racer Dirt game action by racing against your peers or against a randomly selected set of Rally Racer Dirt app users.

Initially, you get one rally car to use and upgrade as you see fit. Actually, there are eight different rally cars, and you can purchase the rest using the Rally Racer Dirt cash you earn.  Although the cars are fine-tuned by default for rally drifting, this Rally Racer Dirt app has a car sensitivity setting functionality that allows you to adjust the suspension, the ride height, the anti-roll bar, and the gearbox proportion of your rally car.

You earn virtual cash every time you race. Every aspect of your racing performance has equivalent cash rewards, such as the distance covered in the just concluded race, as well as the total drift points achieved and for the average speed applied plus a No-Crash Bonus Point. This denotes that improvements in your drifting performances bring higher cash rewards.

The more cash rewards you collect the quicker you get to save virtual money you can use for buying upgrades to improve your car’s turbo, brakes, and exhaust. If you are eyeing another car, striving to drive and drift better, taking on one of the Challenges, or competing in real time with other players, enables you to collect greater cash amounts. If you want to fast track your way in buying or upgrading your favorite rally vehicle, SBK Games also offer in-app purchases and freebies.

Rally Racer Dirt is one of the best, if not the best drift-based rally racing games using realistic car physics. However, since you will be downloading it as a free app at the Google Play Store, you can expect some pop up video ads appearing on your screen; sometimes too free-quently for one’s playing comfort. Nonetheless, in case you want to get rid of the pop-up ads for good, an in-app purchase available at the Rally Racer Dirt Store will enable you to block the ads.


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