Prune – We Love This App!

| January 25, 2016

PruneWhether you are searching for an android app game to pass the time on a flight or just want a nice relaxing game to engross yourself in, then Prune may be your best bet. Like many app games it can be addicting because as you become comfortable playing, you will not be eager to stop! Lacking annoying and obnoxious sounds, Prune is quite innovative and unique compared to traditional games. Within its uncluttered graphics, the game strategy is for a player to simply plant and trim (prune) a lovely tree, while dealing with many hindrances that get in the way of reaching this goal.

With its simplistic design and oh-so soothing music, individuals will delight in the welcomed atmosphere of a pretty Japanese garden in which they play. User friendly with simple controls, the game’s goal is to cut away any branches that get in the way of the tree growing, particularly branches that close in on the daylight. Swiping your finger, Prune has you jabbing and cutting to grow and shape up the tree in order to ensure it is near the required sunlight. While you may think that you are cutting and moving along nicely, beware of nearby obstacles such as forceful wind and specifically dangerous branches. While the sun is needed, it also has the potential to become poisonous in the Prune world. Your tree may be bombarded with nasty weeds and shrubs near the ground, expeditiously mounting. True the game is soothing but at the same time, it requires some patience and you must do all that you can in this land, to avoid the dangerous red orbs. Players may find themselves in a total frenzy as they strike away to reach the welcome sunlight or deal with structures that threaten to injure the cultivated and delicate tree branches.

Instructions are lacking for the game however you can easily determine what comes next by swiping and tapping away. Its user friendliness allows guesses to be made regarding how each signal will affect the developing tree, plus ability levels increase based on the previous level. Different from other games, particularly those that are cartoonish, Prune will totally absorb you, yet you will be moved by its tranquility. Honored as Time Magazine’s annual best game for the year 2015, it has been compared to beautiful poetry, which is amazing to find in a game. Prune provides unobtrusive anticipation for players of all ages.

There are not many games’ whose strategy stems from planting a tree. It is a basic and simple game possessing a lovely design. It is definitely fun and potent enough to spend time on each level, contemplating how to persuade the branches to move towards the sun.


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