Plants vs Zombies 2

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Plants and ZombiesThere aren’t many people in the world who haven’t heard of Plants vs Zombies. It was the tower defense game that still stands as the industry standard for tower defense games. It’s no wonder, then, that millions of people were clawing for the sequel. It’s finally available in the iTunes store in the form of Plants vs Zombies 2 and the verdict is out. It’s the same well-known magic of the first game with a ton of new enemies, friends, and plants thrown into the non-stop action.

Highlights and Features

Same great formula, all new plants: Plants vs Zombies 2 knew not to mess with a winning formula, so all of the game’s trademarks are still intact in round 2. You won’t find anything wildly out of the ordinary in terms of how you play the game. What you will find is a boatload of new zombies and plants to brighten your day. Plants are used to defend your lawn from all types of new and creepy zombies, and you’ll find plenty of new plants to pit against your undead enemies.

New mini-games: The mini-games are one of the treasures of classic Plants vs Zombies and they’ve tossed in a lot of new ones for fans to enjoy. There’s no need to spoil the surprises, but just bank on playing these mini-games for hours. They never get old.

Zen Garden: Enjoy the peace of the Zen garden. You can unlock tons of new treasures from this garden as you master the many facets of the game. There’s always something new to unlock. Plants vs Zombies 2 spares no expense in giving you the same great surprise rewards you appreciated, and truly needed, from the first game.

New worlds: This is the biggest new change to Plants vs Zombies. Your lawn isn’t just a stationary lawn anymore. You’ll travel to new worlds and defend lawns in a variety of exciting new settings in this sequel. Get ready for fun with pirates and run-ins with ancient undead citizens. You don’t have to stay in one place when you play this game. The new settings really bring the concept of Plants vs Zombies to life.

There’s far too much good about this game to cover it all in a short review, but fans of the original will find nothing but love for this new edition. They don’t take out the game’s core mechanics but they give you more of what you love and in surprising and exciting new ways, with all new characters, stories, and enemies to give you the same great zombie action you’ve come to know and love. The goal remains the same, though. You’ve got to protect your brain using only the plants that fate has given you to fight with. It’s the same challenging and difficult action you loved from the first game packed into an all-new adventure. Many magazines called it, once again, one of the best games of all time. The Plants vs Zombies formula still works after all these years.


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