Planner App Review

| February 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Planner AppPlanners have long been in use by professionals and students. They are essential means of keeping all of one’s information and important events in one place. If one needs to know what they have to do in a day, or a week or even a month, the planner can provide the answer. However, in the day to day life of the high-powered professional, time is money and the digital age is king. Paper and pencil are a waste of time, now one needs more convenience and quicker results in order to be truly effective. Enter the Planner app. This app cuts out any unnecessary time and allows the user to get right down to business.

Google calendar is a great place to keep all of your events and has been used as a successful app for quite some time. The planner app allows you to sync all of your google calendar events with it and create a clear daily, weekly or monthly schedule available right at your fingertips. The best part is that when a new event is added or you have closed out another successful month, you can update the calendar and sync the app again, eliminating the tedious process of looking at your calendar and taking down the dates and times one at a time. The calendar can be available at all times visually or hidden if there is something more important to focus on.

The next feature is the tasks option. Tasks are like a to-do list for the app. They allow you to create a clear daily plan that can be edited at any point. Tasks can be very vague, such as meeting titles or project ideas, and sub-tasks can be created in order to fulfill the intricate details necessary to the tasks completion. In addition, there is a reminder feature for each task. The workday and workplace can become very hectic, and one can lose sight of what needs to be done and when. This app eliminates that issue, creating alarms and reminders that will go off at set intervals in order to remind the user when each task needs to be fulfilled.

Notes are another useful feature in the app and are sort of like tasks but with more specificity. Whereas tasks are limited to a 25 maximum with 5 different classifications, notes are unlimited, so the minor details can be recorded and reviewed at any time during the day. Notes are easily edited and deleted as the need arises, making them a quick and easy way to get things down.

The app is beautifully designed and its ease of use is remarkable but expected for an app of its use. While the free version is missing a few helpful features, it is very much worth having and far more useful than any other means of planning. The app is available for free in the google play store. Download the app and begin to plan your month immediately, ensuring a more relaxed and highly productive you.


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