Forest: Stay Focused

| January 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

ForestForest: Stay Focused is a studying aid designed to help you stay off of your phone for thirty minutes at a time. Based off of the popular Pomodoro technique that has you study for 30 uninterrupted minutes at a time with small breaks between sessions, Forest: Stay Focused, has helped thousands of people get their work done without distractions. The app does not lock your phone like many other studying tools, instead it relies on your own self-control to stay off of social media and other fun apps and helps you to, as the name suggests, stay focused on what you are doing.

The premise of the app is simple, for every thirty minutes you stay off of your phone you plant a tree in your forest. If you interrupt your phone during your thirty-minute study period, the tree will die and appear in your forest as a dead brown tree. The guilt that you feel when the tree dies is real, and it acts as a visual reminder of your inability to stay focused on what you’re doing. While you study you the tree will periodically reach a growth stage. When you first plant the tree it is just a seed in the ground, but every few minutes it grows into its next stage of life. A sprout, a sapling, a young tree and finally a fully grown tree.

While Forest: Stay Focused is meant to keep you away from distracting apps such as social media, you do have the ability to white-list certain programs. For example, the app automatically white-lists your phone, which means that receiving and answering a phone call will not kill the tree you are growing. You could potentially white-list your favorite social-media app and continue using it during your study session but that’s the whole point of the app, it relies on your self-control, and if you don’t have any it can even help you to gain some.

The app is very visually appealing compared to other apps of the same type, and its unique approach to thirty-minute studying intervals should really help you to get your work done. Each day your forest starts over and you begin planting trees in a new plot of land. In addition to its visuals the app is extremely easy to use, it is as simple as opening the app and pressing a button, which means that even young children can use it successfully.

Forest: Stay Focused is available on Android, iOS and Windows phone, as well as Google Chrome and FireFox. Install it across all of your platforms to lock yourself out of enticing apps and websites completely. All in all, this is a great studying tool that could be used by anybody with an internet connection and a phone or computer.


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