Despicable Me Game App -Minion Rush Fruit-Collecting Missions

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Minions Game For AndroidDespicable Me Android game app is based on the Minion characters of the Despicable Me movie. The minions catapulted to fame and popularity for their exceptional mischief and gibberish talk as faithful followers of super villain-cum-jelly-manufacturer Felonious Gru. Now that a more super, super villain named Vector has ousted Gru, the latter is back to his jelly–making business. In recognizing the valuable services of his loyal Minions, Gru will be bestowing an Employee of the Year award to the Minion that collects the most number of exotic fruits.

Despicable Me app users join the Minions in their fast-paced and seemingly endless races to accomplish different missions. Players help the Minions tackle fiddly obstacles, unravel secrets, and battle Vector, the Ventriloquist, and El Macho, as well as new baddies exclusively created for this Despicable Me runner game. Players can buy gadgets, costumes, and items by using their banana points and the tokens collected as rewards for completing missions and attaining achievements.

Fun and definitely entertaining, this Despicable Me Android app by Gameloft is compatible with smartphones and tablets running on Versions 2.3 and up. Free to install and enjoy, the Despicable Me Android game app is accessible to download free at the Google Play Store.

Despicable Me Game Play and App Features

Right from the very start, the app entertains Android device users by showing a mini-video clip to explain why the Minions are in a mad rush to collect as many fruits as they can. Whilst the video clip is running, the downloading process continues to install new game contents such as missions, costumes, props, gadgets, skills, characters, and freshly added game levels.

Initially, the Minion Rush running events take place in Gru’s Labs. The location and background changes as players fulfill every game level objective and requirements. The game play is similar to the hit Temple Run running game, but not completely so. The animation and varying background presentations of the Despicable Me game, show surprisingly delightful mischievous antics. After all, those are the very factors that made the Minions more adorable and even more famous than their venerated boss, Gru.

To help players collect the number of fruits required in each level, the app presents a tutorial by showing arrows to indicate the actions to take. Players should take note of the arrow pointing up as this means they need to swipe upwards to make the running Minion jump in order to avoid a lab object; including floundering Minions stuck in the middle of a lane. An arrow pointing downwards is a prompt to swipe down, to make the Minion duck or roll. An arrow pointing to the left or right appearing ahead of the obstacle indicates a need to make a timely swipe to the left or to the right. The action enables a Minion to shift lanes when necessary.

Otherwise, if an obstacle hits a Minion, a Despicable Me game player has to pay a set amount of game resumption fee, using some of the banana points or tokens collected. That way, the Despicable Me player will be able to resume the game from whence the Minion got snagged. If in case a player does not have enough banana points or tokens to use as payment, the game resumes from the starting point. Alternatively, a player can use real money to buy banana points that will allow him or her to continue from where he or she was stalled.

Keep in mind that as a Minion vying for the Employee of the Year Award, a player must strive to collect as many banana points as possible by getting better at the game. The more banana points amassed, the less the need to make real money purchases to enjoy the diversion. The Despicable Me game app has exciting bonus fixtures. Players need only to complete game requirements that will unlock the bonus game of a particular level, which features other well-loved Despicable Me movie characters.


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