Citymapper for iOS

| October 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

Citymapper AppNo one – seriously, no one – likes to struggle finding their way around town in traffic. When venturing into areas you are not familiar with, taking wrong turns or otherwise running into problems does rear its head. What can someone hoping to get to the right location do? Turning the job over to the Citymapper app just might prove to be the easiest possible step to take. This is a well-conceived app and one that can make driving a whole lot easier for those who are not exactly huge fans of driving in congestion.

The app allows people to plan simple “A to B” trips or ones that require multiple arrival and departure points. Even status alerts are integrated into the app and this is going to be a welcome bonus for travelers who do not like surprises.

The app is not only designed for people who drive. When you are thinking about other types of travel options, the app works quite well as a means of helping you make the most out of your desired travel selection. People who wish to walk or bike will learn just how many minutes it will take and, amazingly, they will learn how many calories are going to be burned during the excursion. The health conscious are definitely going to enjoy that feature.

The budget-minded will like some of the cost analysis features on the app. The average amount of money a taxi will cost and bus fares are also listed. On a side note, the actual bus lines needed to travel on to reach a particular destination are pointed out on the app. Yes, travelers really do get a comprehensive package with this particular app.

The app even points out landmarks in the local vicinity travelers may wish to visit. Do you want to check out a zoo, art gallery, or natural history museum? Would you like to plan a trip to a park? This app helps with all those goals. And no, using the app isn’t difficult at all.

The app is integrated to work with partners such as Car2Go and is compatible on Android and iOS. Now, the app can even be used on the Apple Watch for even more expanded purposes. Really, Citymapper is an awesome app that is tough to top. Checking it out is definitely recommended to those who love travel.


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