City Driving 3D App Review for Android

| April 9, 2015 | 0 Comments

city driving 1City Driving 3D for Android

Sometimes a name perfectly describes the experience. When you play City Driving 3D, it’s instantly quite obvious where the name comes from. In City Driving 3D, you drive around the city in a 3D first person view. The game contains a number of different features and variables, with each deserving some special attention. But the first thing to understand about the game is that it offers up a great simulation of city traffic. The player has a vehicle, a goal, and can be prepared for a lot of fun. The developer, Zuuks Games, has obviously put quite a bit of work into creating a really fun driving experience.


Of course you’ll want to know more about the details. If a game is great, than it will contain a lot of great elements. First and foremost, you need to understand the nature of the driving experience. A lot, even most, driving games don’t put much work into the simulated aspects of the experience. You’ll find something unique when loading up City Driving 3D. It can often feel more like driving around in a real city, with a real goal, than it does a simple video game. And that’s one of the things which can really set it apart. Video games in general are obviously fun. But there’s something to be said for a game which can tap into real emotion. The nature of the driving experience in City Driving 3D will tap into your emotions. It makes you feel like you’re in traffic, and need to get somewhere as quickly as possible.

city driving 2You’ll basically be stepping into the shoes of a driver in a simulation of the real world. This is where the real strength of a simulated city comes into play. You can pick from a variety of different vehicles and missions. For example, you’ll get a chance to play as an ambulance driver who needs to save people’s lives. It’s easy to feel your heart racing as you weave in and out of traffic in an attempt to save someone’s life. What really sets the experience apart is, again, the realism. Fighting dragons or the like can be fun. But you know deep down that dragons aren’t real. When playing City Driving 3D, you’re dealing with situations that can actually happen. You’ve actually seen ambulance drivers racing against time. You know how they must feel, and it’s easy to put yourself in their shoes.

Though this also opens up some of the more amusing scenarios. While life and death struggles can happen, there’s others which you’ve probably experienced first hand in the past. In particular, “angry girlfriend” is sure to get a laugh from anyone who’s had a fight with their significant other. A race against time to save a life is one thing. But you can certainly feel a pang of empathy and memory over racing to avoid the wrath of an angry girlfriend.

The game also throws a lot of environmental factors your way. Just like in the real world, weather can have a big effect on a driver. You’ll find yourself cheering for good weather, and trying to race against the fog. You can also switch to different camera views to get a different take on the action.

Overall Impression

In conclusion, City Driving 3D provides a fantastic experience. It’s a great change from the typical fantasy and science fiction themes featured in gaming. It touches on real life problems, and even some that you’ll have probably experienced in person at some point. That’s what makes the game able to really bring up some pulse pounding emotions. It should be considered with five stars out of five. It brings something really unique to the mobile gaming sphere, and does so in a really fun way.


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