Beautiful Sticky Notes App Review for iPhone

| April 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

Sticky NotesBeautiful Sticky Notes

Sticky notes were one of those inventions that came completely by chance. The plan with the original sticky note was to make tape, but the creator of this tape found that it did not stick well enough, and that is how the sticky note came about. It is a paper that does stick but it can easily be removed. Nowadays people do not want to have to mess around with tons of colorful papers put all over their desks and homes. It may be a great way for a person to be able to organize their thoughts and get them out of their minds, but it can be a hassle. With the new beautiful stick notes app made by iTunes a person can get the exact same feel of using sticky notes but with out all the mess.

Description Of Sticky Notes

Beautiful Sticky Notes is an app that a person can use to make their own personal sticky note pages using their mobile device. A person can use this application in order to organize their life and their thoughts onto simple and colorful pages. This app allows a person to make different choices about which type of stick note that they are going to want to put on their board, and they can organize all their sticky notes into different categories. In this way a person can organize their life and give themselves useful reminders without having to kill a tree.

Features of Beautiful Sticky Notes

Beautiful Sticky Notes has awesome features. A person can choose from different sizes and fonts when it comes to the type of sticky note that they want. Apart from being able to choose the font and size of the note that they want, they also have the capability to choose the color. If a person wants to dictate a reminder to themselves they can also have the option to use voice to text and they can dictate their own reminders and they will be saved on their own sticky page.

The sticky notes are organized in the flipbook fashion, so a person can have multiple organized pages of sticky notes. They can organize their sticky notes and put them into categories such as: to do, reminders, plans for the kids, fashion ideas, or recipes. On each page a person can add sticky notes, be it in the form of colorful reminders or even pictures. The sticky notes can be deleted and re-made as a person sees fit. Beautiful Sticky Notes also has a multitouch feature, so a person can drag their sticky notes and drop them anywhere that they think is the best.

Beautiful Sticky Notes is perfect for an Apple dock station, because a person can leave different sticky notes for the entire family to see.

Overall Impression

Beautiful Sticky Notes is a great app for you if you need to have a creative platform in order to organize your thoughts. You can put your thoughts down on paper without actually having to use paper. It is a great way to be able to organize ideas and the great thing is that they can be taken around with you wherever you go. This is a great app for you if you are a person that may have liked sticky notes or if you like the way that sticky notes organize your life. From 1 to 5 , we would give beautiful sticking out of rating of 4. If you like to organize using sticky notes then this is definitely the app for you. There are many sticky note apps that are out there, but this one is user friendly and fun.


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