Automate for Android

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Automate AppWith a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 2,343 reviews on Android’s App Store, Automate gives users the ability to completely automate a variety of tasks on smartphones or tablets. Automations can be created with flowcharts. Settings like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, GPS or NFC can be changed automatically any time of the day or night. Things like sending SMS or e-mail based on your location, or even a time factor, can be easily facilitated. Even plug-ins created for things like Tasker and Locale can be properly automated with this software.

Users have said its interface is “stellar”, and easy to use. Many were impressed with its ability to do that which it claims successfully, conveniently, and substantively.

It works like this: flowcharts are edited via the addition of blocks. Connecting dots creates automated tasks. This system has great simplicity, but great power at the same time. Even if you’re a novice at setting up such flowcharts, a number of predefined options are available to pick from. Expressions, variables and functions become possible for more seasoned users.

Automation flows can easily be shared in a way that’s safe and conducive throughout the in-app community. Furthermore, this app is secure in that you can decide whether to grant Android permissions.

In Automate are more than 260 blocks with which to build. These blocks include things like actions, triggers, loops, conditions and more. You can automatically begin or end application activity or services. Internet broadcasts can be sent or received. Your device can be automatically rebooted or shutdown. Files can be listed, deleted, moved, copied, zipped or even unzipped. Delete and download and upload and list files to Google Drive, or FTP Server. Cloud-messaging is possible and other devices can be communicated with. Email can be composed and sent with ease, and automatically. You can check the unread count in Gmail, await calls going out or coming in, and even make calls. Location can be had via Geofencing, and Geocoding can also be reliably done. An exceptionally interesting factor is the ability to check nearby cell towers.

Automate can help you check or change account data sync. Airplane Mode can be automatically activated, as can AppOps. Notifications, the attention light, audio volume, the level of battery, tethering via Bluetooth and USB, the speed of the CPU, the phone’s flashlight–basically any feature that’s usable on the phone, tablet, or eligible device can be fully automated via Automate.


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